What can I say about Cumberland County, I have lived here my entire life, with the exception of a few years. I believe it is a great place to live, that is why I remain. Sometimes I have travelled and it made me realize, what we have here to offer to others, it is special, peaceful and it creates a more relaxing lifestyle.

You should never take just one persons word for it, that is only my opinion, so I am providing the opinions of others.

Here is what the general consensus had to say about Cumberland County.

Friendly People, affordable housing, outdoor activities, sense of community, quiet and there is a piano in the centre of one town, for anyone to play. They also have The Alphabet Store, they sell more than just letters. They have many unique things in their shop, just like the uniqueness of Cumberland County.

One lady said she found the best husband here, that was her attraction and then she realized, the rest of the benefits, of what the county can offer you.

Some of those are generic, some are light hearted, lets hear what some specific people said.

My neighbour once told me that there is no need to travel the world on vacation, we have it all here. Cumberland County can offer you lakes, rivers and ocean for the water enthusiasts. Including fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and whatever else you enjoy around the water. All within a 20 minute drive, from anywhere in the county.
For those who like to keep their feet on the land, there are hiking trails, ATV and snowmobile trails, hunting, skiing and more.

Although I have seen very few myself, I notice plenty of photos and statements have been made, there are an abundance of waterfalls in the area. For those with mixed feelings, land / water, you can now enjoy both.

There are also people who live here just for the peace and quiet.

Sue from Oxford states ” The friendly environment that surrounds us! How can you resists a friendly hello from our Cumberland family!”

Lisa from Pugwash has a great appreciation for family safety “ Safe streets. Name me a city where you can let your kids wander the streets unaccompanied any more? Here, they safely play, walk to school, ride their bikes, swim off the wharf and are perfectly safe.”

One person sums it up easy, we can live anywhere and have all of the benefits of the world but as Rosemary said “It’s the people!!”, they make it great.

So, take the word of the people who live here. They live here for a reason, it is a great place to raise your family, grow up and have fun in later life.

I know, people do comment that there is nothing there, it is true, that is where peace and quiet comes from, I think they mean something different. We also have people who live in the area and depend on outside services.

Our communities do offer the essential services a person requires, for a good life with happiness and sometimes we do have to travel. A reasonable commute and you are there.

Julie from Oxford “We have so many local resources within a small traveling distance from our community. Locally sourced food is not only important to the large growing market interested in purchasing locally. It’s also important to the farmers who provide it. We are so lucky to have locally sourced meat, cheese, fish , seafood , produce, maple syrup, and more! All within a reasonable drive to us and surrounding communities.”

Technology is within our communities, I myself use those same services, as I introduce buyers to sellers, when they are changing their lives.

Nancy from Pugwash knows what the county offers. “Decent service access without the urban crowds and wait times. It’s cottage country…a more unplugged way of life but still decent internet access to conduct business and life connections.” So you can even enjoy the rest of the world while you are in the area.

Of course everything is not perfect, you have to take what you have and make it perfect for yourself. Cumberland County offers that opportunity. Like anywhere, there are negatives but the positive here casts a shadow on the negative, to provide you with a community that has been described as this: peaceful, enjoyable, adventurous, affordable, friendly, safe. You will create your own list, after you have been here for awhile, enjoying what the county has to offer.

Now, just to break in, there is one community, that should be added, not located in Cumberland County, but just across the county line is Tatamagouche, a unique community that is worthing checking into, lots to offer.  You can check it out here.


Check out more of the features of Cumberland County through their website.

For those of you who will someday return, such as Betty “ Cumberland County is where Nova Scotia begins and ends, for those of us born there, who dream about one day moving back.” Know you are always welcome and we will find a place for you. Just give us a call.

And for those of you who are discovering us for the first time, there is also a place for you in Cumberland County, give me a call, to help you find that location because in between these communities we have others, peaceful and quiet small communities, just for you to call home.


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