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Get to Know Rick

Broker / Owner

Rick Adshade

902-664-8892 Read more

In Business

  • Self Employed for over 25 years
  • Started businesses in entertainment, groceries, coffee shop, vending, Book keeping, rentals and maybe a couple of others.
  • 20 years in Real Estate
  • 4 years as owner/broker
  • Sold approximately 1000 properties since licensed.

In Life:

  • Happily Married to Linda
  • Lives quiet country life
  • Hobbies include:  shooting, four wheeling, boating, gardening, cooking, movies and learning new things.
  • Trying out new business ideas
  • He built this website
  • He  has a daughter, a grandson and less cats now

Homebuyers, Do you know this?

The MLS system is designed for you!

The MLS system provides you with options, you can work with any REALTOR®.
That is right, if the property is advertised by one company, you can work with another and buy the same property.  Sometimes it is a benefit.
If the house is listed MLS, then you have a flexibility.
How can you know if it is MLS?  Most companies use the MLS system and if you have a question about it, contact Rick, he can get you the answers you need.

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