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A Piece of Paradise
Isn’t that what everyone is looking for? Their own piece of paradise.
I am very fortunate that I have found my own piece of paradise. A country side location, a lake, a forest, wildlife and more. That is what serves my purpose, my place to unwind from the world and just relax, pretend the outside world has disappeared and no longer exists. I did not even realize, until I was here creating it around me, that I was drawn to what was being created. A nice feeling to know, where you are going is exactly where you want to be.
The good news to all of this, I have learned how to help other people find their own piece of paradise and for 20 years, I have helped people do just that, find their own slice of heaven. For the past four years as Starscape Realty, creating my own office and brokerage to serve my clients better.
Now, don’t kid yourself, I am sure some people thought, what was their perfect place, turned into something else before it became perfect for them. They had to do some work, to make it the way they wanted it but they noticed, it was the place for them and after some adjustments, they made it their place or they decided to sell it.
That is the good news, it may have been a temporary wonderland for them, before they move to their next step, being there to help that transition is rewarding. People get to move on to new things and I am fortunate enough to help them and share that experience. Helping numerous families, in 20 years, transition to a new part of their life. Definitely rewarding. So when you are looking to upgrade, move in or move out of your next stage of life, give me a call, I would be more than happy to help you with that transition.
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